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Subject: Update on Hungnam film project "Ship of Miracles"


Here is an update on our film production of "Ship of Miracles", the upcoming
documentary film about the "Heroes of Hungnam", and the rescue of civilian
refugees during Christmas 1950 at Hungnam.

Upcoming Events:
February 24-26  Trip to Sacramento, California to shoot interviews with Dr.
Luke Kim, Mrs. Eyoungsoo Park, Grace Kim, other living refugees from
Hungnam, Lindy Gelber, and several US military veterans who fought at
Chosin Reservoir (members of the River City Chosin Few).

Thanks to the following people who have been interviewed so far:

Dr. Bong Hak Hyun
Bob Lunney
Merl Smith
Burley Smith
Bill Gilbert
Dino Savastio
Albert Golembeski
Mandy Katz
Colonel Tom Fergusson
Admiral Tom Bigley
Colonel Warren Wiedhahn
Brother Joel
Brother Bosco
Brother Augustine
Vice Admiral Joseph D. Stewart
US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point
St. Paul's Abbey

We are on track to finish our film in time for a Christmas release.

We are currently editing together a sample tape of our documentary
to show potential distributors about this project.  We currently
have over 32 hours of exciting footage that has been shot so far.

I am attempting to set up interviews with other important people and
places with connections to this story, including General Alexander Haig, Ned Forney,
Benedict J. Ahn, Dr. Jean Mansavage, relatives of Brother Marinus, Vincent Gray, Al
Kaufhold, Colonel Red Barrett, Lt. General Bill McCaffrey, visit the Lane Victory ship in 
California, the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial, and a trip to Korea to interview
Father Anton Kang, Chairman Sung Hak Baik of the Young An Hat Company, and more evacuation

If you know of anyone that should be interviewed for this project, please
let me know.  We are also looking for any photographs, diaries, or film
footage that is available from the Hungnam evacuation.

There is a new website dedicated to the SS Meredith Victory and its
miraculous evacuation of 14,000 refugees at Hungnam during Christmas 1950.
Here it is:  www.meredithvictory.com

If you know of anyone we should interview, please
contact me at the email address below.

Thanks again for your help with this project.

Best regards,

RJ McHatton
White Knuckles Productions
65075 85th St
Bend OR 97701
Phone 541-948-3702
Email: movie at whiteknuckles.com
Website: www.whiteknuckles.com
Website: www.shipofmiracles.com
Good website: www.meredithvictory.com

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