[KS] Koguryo part of China?

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Yes, I agree totally that those works have to be read with caution.
They do, nevertheless, provide some evidence that we can't simply
go along with the widely accepted notion that the language of Koguryo
was not closely related to that of Silla. Much more research needs
to be done on how idu might have been read in those early times.
It's also possible that there are more bits of the Baekje language
here and there in the old Japanese histories than has been commonly
thought so far. They should be linguistically researched with that
possibility in mind.

Gary Rector

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Sorry, Gary, but "Silla language appears certain as being the direct
ancestor of ModKor" is also quite a strong statement as long as nobody has
much knowledge about the language of Silla....It is very regretful that our
colleagues in and out of Korea seem to have abandoned to seriously try to
find out. The two books you mention - while presenting a lot of material,
which I am very thankful for - in my eyes have to be read with a lot of
caution: both the methodology and the basis for comparisons must be seen as
outdated. How much I wished more linguists would return to the question of
so-called "Old Korean"...Best wishes, and Happy New Year, Your Werner Sasse
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