[KS] Korean Borders

Emanuel Yi Pastreich epast at staff.uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 23 22:16:35 EST 2004

Dear Associates,

I would like to take on this issue of the Chinese-Korean border seriously.
What I would like first of all is a historical record of all changes and
modifications in the borders between China, Manchuria (Manchuguo), Korea
(North and South) and Russia. Between the 15th century and the present. The
question is, 1) what are the concrete examples of changes in the borders
between the Ming dynasty and the present and what was the
historical/political context for each. 2) What possible claims could be made
based upon the various changes by China or Korea respectively. 3) How does
Manchuria as an separate, or pseudo-separate, political entity complicate
the issue of borders. 4) Where exactly are the borders of Kokugyo.

It would be great to find an article or two dealing specificially with this
issue, and actual maps that I can show people to illustrate each change,
whether related to Ming and Manchu policies, the Qing dynasty, Republican
and Japanese interactions, Russian, PRC and North Korean agreements.



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