[KS] Website Announcement: Korean Language Education Clearinghouse

InJung Cho InJung.Cho at arts.monash.edu.au
Tue Jan 20 20:06:39 EST 2004

Dear List members,

We would like to draw your attention to the new web site, Korean
Language Education Clearinghouse at 


The development of the Korean Language Education Clearinghouse was
started in 2003 by Korean at Monash, funded by the Korea Foundation, to
help share and distribute Korean language learning materials and
information worldwide. 

KLEC aims to provide a wide range of resources and services for Korean
language educators and learners, mostly free of charge. The year 2003
development was focused on the establishment of the collection of Korean
images and the development of computer-assisted language learning
materials using photos. Now, the following resources are available:

-	1365 Korean Photos
-	260 Clipart
-	210 units of computer-assisted learning materials that can be easily
incorporated into your site
-	Korean/English Parallel Concordancer
-	On-line workshop on multimedia learning materials development
-	On-line forum

We would be very grateful if you can send us your valuable comments and
feedback and pass on this information to those who might be interested
in the site. We also welcome your donation of any Korea-related
materials which can be used for Korean language and culture education.
KLEC Project Team

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