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To:  Korean Studies Discussion List

From:  Jim Hoare, BAKS

Subject:  Important! Correction to website address for BAKS Papers

Date:  28 January 2004

Dear Associates,

Sincere apologies to any of you who may have had difficulty in accessing the BBR online catalogue to view the pages listing BAKS Papers.  We gave an incomplete address in our last email, omitting the final 'shtml'.  It should read:


Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.

Jim Hoare



BAKS Papers, volume 9, published 2004


Henrik H. Sørensen:  'Protecting the nation': Korean Buddhism under the rule of

            Park Chung Hee, 1961-79 


Donald N.Clark:  Protestant Christianity and the state: religious organisations as an

            example of civil society in South Korea


Kenneth M. Wells:  The place of religion in North Korean ideology


James A. Foley:  Abductions and divisions: connections between the Japanese

            abductees and Korean divided families


James E. Hoare:  A brush with history: opening the British Embassy Pyongyang, 




BAKS 9 may be purchased from the printers, BBR, who also hold stocks of volumes 1-8.  For details of their service and prices, please view the BBR website at:



 Jim Hoare

jim at jhoare10.fsnet.co.uk
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