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J.Scott Burgeson jsburgeson at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 07:41:56 EST 2004

--- Hyung Pai <hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu> wrote:
> I have sat in on grant 
> giving sessions for the Japan side- and there are
> abundant number of 
> independent scholars and professionals such as
> museum staff who have 
> gotten grants.

Point taken, but I was referring specifically to the
Korean context. Someone else mentioned Blakemore but
that foundation originated from a Japan context as
well, and in fact I have been treated with far more
respect by Japanese bodies supporting the arts, etc.
For instance, when I asked the Japan Foundation for
stills from Suzuki Seijun films for my magazine, they
simply said, "No problem, what do you need?" and
provided all I needed for free, and promptly. When I
approached the Korean Film Archive with a similar
request for stills from the films of a well-known
Korean actor I interviewed recently, I was told, "We
can't help you for copyright reasons" even though all
the films in question are out of print and the actor
gave his blessings personally to let me use them. And
since when is a gov't body so worried about copyright
fees for film stills when their purported mission is
preserving and promoting Korean films? This is a
pattern I have repeatedly encountered in Korea in 6
years of doing research here: no higher degree=no
respect. It's just a fact.
   --Scott Burgeson

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