[KS] RE: Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 13, Issue 4

William B. Brown wmbbrown at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 10 09:06:14 EDT 2004

" Interestingly, anyone trying to discuss the truly amazing scale of 
>censorship in the United States (in the media, the schools, all the
>institutions) tends to be labeled an outcast, leftist, extremist, 
>whatever -- showing how very well this apparatus works."

Wow, such hubris!  Does this writer equate censorship as different opinions,
as in: "if US media, schools, etc. don't agree with me it must be they are

I must admit, sitting here in my room in the Plaza Hotel, with the cacophony
of a small band of demonstrators (unfortunately with hand-held and very
powerful loudspeakers) screaming political slogans on one side of City Hall,
and a symphony band trying to play some classical music on the other side,
its hard to see any lack of freedom of speech. The age-old problem is how
much should such freedoms, especially when abetted by modern technology, be
allowed to interfere with other's rights to peace and quiet.

[For those who have not been to Seoul lately, the crazy set of traffic
circles in front on City Hall have been replaced by a huge circle-shaped
manicured lawn. It quite changes the nature of downtown, I think for the

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