[KS] US North Korea GI Defector

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Dear Tracy,

This has been discussed at great length at the NKZone
http://nkzone.typepad.com/nkzone/ Have a look

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  Dear Korea Studies List,
  A few days ago Reuters  reported a man being reunited with his wife in
Indonesia.  He was a GI who is thought to have defected to North Korea
during the Korean War.  Has anyone heard of this man?  Is anything else
known about him and his family?
  see website:
  Thank you.
  Tracy Stober
  University of Washington

  Afostercarter at aol.com wrote:
    Has anyone done any work on North Korean aid
    to Africa, or know anyone who has?

    In the 1970s and 1980s the DPRK had embassies
    all over the continent. Aid projects in a range of
    countries - Guinea, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and many more -
    ranged from the practical and useful (agriculture, construction)
    to the more dubious (military training, organizing mass games,
    building statues). It must have cost Pyongyang a fortune. Most of
    the embassies have shut, but a little of this may still continue.

    We think now of North Korea as an aid recipient.
    It used to be a donor also. This chapter in the heyday of
    tricontinental solidarity is now history, but should not go
    unrecorded. It would make a fascinat! ing PhD topic,
    either in general or for particular countries.
    One model could be Philip Snow's The Star Raft,
    which looks at China's encounter with Africa.

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