[KS] Fascinating new materials on North Korea's "fraternal" relations

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Tue Jul 13 08:16:36 EDT 2004

Listmembers may be interested in a real treasure-trove of newly published 
documents on North Korean foreign affairs, published in the latest issue (no 
14/15) of the Bulletin of the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP). 
These cover mainly the Korean War and early post-war years of the DPRK; including 
"fraternal" - sometimes not very - relations with not only the USSR and China, 
but also East Germany, Hungary and others.
(Many thanks to Jon Halliday for this alert, which I hasten to share more 

These are the articles in question, all based on newly mined archives:

New Evidence on North Korea
Introduction     Kathryn Weathersby      p. 5
Sino-North Korean Conflict and its Resolution during the Korean War 
By Shen Zhihua   p. 9
Weathering the Sino-Soviet Conflict: The GDR and North Korea, 1949-1989
By Bernd Schäfer    p. 25
"You Have No Political Line of Your Own:" Kim Il Sung and the Soviets, 
By Balázs Szalontai    p. 87

New Evidence on Cold War Crises
Russian Documents on the Korean War: 1950-53 Introduction by James G. 
and translations by Vladislav Zubok      p. 369

The good news is that all these are fully and freely accessible. The bad news 
is that they are on several different PDF files, some massive. Your computer 
may get indigestion, as mine did. (I believe print versions are also 
available.) Here are the details and URLs:

CWIHP homepage: http://cwihp.si.edu

Contents list of Bulletin: http://wwics.si.edu/topics/pubs/aa-intro.pdf

Main articles (Shen, Schäfer, Szalontai): 

Russian documents… http://wwics.si.edu/topics/pubs/e-cold_war_crises.pdf

Besides the above, CWIHP's earlier documents and debates on the Korean War 
are also well worth looking at. See: http://wwics.si.edu/index.cfm?topic_id=1409&

Happy hunting!
Aidan FC

Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds University 

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