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You can find a new description of Jan Holtermann's German-North Korean Internet project in
the chapter "Mit leichtem Gepaeck. Das deutsch-nordkoreanische Internet-Projekt" authored
by himself in the new anthology "Nordkorea. Einblicke in ein raetselhaftes Land." edited by
Christoph Moeskes (Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 2004, ISBN 3-86153-318-9).

Eckart Dege

Frank Hoffmann schrieb:

> CNN "research" -- yes?
> -> http://www.whois.sc/kcckp.net
> The phone number has a Germany country code (49), not a North Korean.
> But yes, the WHOIS registered address Glinka Strasse certainly rings
> a bell ... it's the North Korean Embassy in Germany (was the same
> address while the GDR still existed as well).
> The site is hosted by an Holtermann's "Korea Computer Center":
> http://www.kcc-europe.de
> He has an interesting article about him and his company on his site:
> http://www.kcc-europe.de/index.cfm?defnav=aktuelle&content=aktuelle&showdetail=03122701
> (originally published 12/27/2003 in _Der Tagesspiegel_)
> ... Basically says that he is contracted to develop the North Korean Internet.
> QUOTE from above re-published newspaper article:
> ---------
> "The North Korean will be the Indians of tomorrow." Holtermann is a
> heavy man with thin lips. It sounds as if he found oil. And somehow
> that's the case. The first time in his life does the intrepreneur
> Holtermann something with future."
> (...)
> At the periphery of P'y?ngyang Holterman found the KCC, Korea
> Computer Center, founded by the son of state leader Kim Jong Il.
> (...)
> The Korean Telecom itself, the monopol there, wants to bring the
> Internet to P'y?ngyang -- together with Holtermann.  (...) Necessary
> funding? Holtermann has to raise 700,000 Euros to get the project
> started. (...)  He is doing this now -- "I once was a banker, have
> some contacts."
> ---------
> It's an interesting article, actually -- someone should translate it.
> Regards,
> Frank Hoffmann

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