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Sorry for the short notice. But Listmembers in the UK,
or with access to BBC2 TV, might be interested in
the item below. (Others, I think, can in principle
watch the programme via the Web, presumably after
the event, if your computer is up to it.)

For those who don't want to believe this kind of thing
(wouldn't we all?), it's worth pointing out that the 
reporter, Olenka Frenkiel, has no ideological axe to grind.
She has also been a gadfly in Israel over the Mordechai Vanunu 
case (Israel's harshly punished nuclear whistle-blower).

I've seen the script of this interview. After doubts were
expressed over the veracity of earlier reports, Ms Frenkiel
went back to Seoul and conducted further interviews.
Independent witnesses, unknown to each other, corroborated the story.

Despite spluttering from Pyongyang, and handwringing in Seoul 
at the risk of darkening sunshine - ditto those inconvenient 460 
refugees from Vietnam - I fear there is a case to answer here. 
But please watch the programme, and judge for yourself.

Aidan FC

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Newsnight 27 July
Presented by Martha Kearney. 

 Tonight we hear a terrible tale from a modern day Dr Mengele. A North Korean 
scientist says he used experimental chemical weapons on prisoners and stood 
there taking notes while they died in agony. Dr Kim tells us: "The purpose of 
this experiment was to determine how long it takes for a human being to die - 
we wanted to determine how much gas was necessary to annihilate the whole city 
of Seoul." I will be putting this new evidence of North Korea's contempt for 
life and use of chemical weapons to Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell and 
asking why is it right for us to intervene against Saddam Hussein but not 
against Kim Jong-Il? 

And in Boston Kirsty Wark will be live with the Democrats, asking what Kerry 
needs to do to if he doesn't want to look stupid on the economy. She'll be 
joined by corporate guru Jack Welch and the author of "Lies and the Lying Liars 
Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right" - Al Franken. 


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