[KS] (Fwd) Online community for 17th century history

Antti Leppanen antti.leppanen at helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 1 12:01:09 EDT 2004

Dear List members,

I have been requested to forward the following announcement to the list
Those interested, please visit the site below and email Claire.

> I have just set up an online community for academics who study the 17th 
> century. Membership is by invitation only. The current members are three 
> English literature specialists, one historian of the theatre in early 
> modern France, two print historians and two cultural historians. Members 
> may write on the site in English, French, Italian or Spanish.
> The address of the site is
> www.17th-century.info/news
> I would like to invite all Korean academics who study early modern 
> Western history and all academics who study 17th-century Korean or Asian 
> history to join the community. If you are interested please email me at 
> c.h.l.george at durham.ac.uk  
> Claire George

Antti Leppänen
Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki
http://hunjang.blogspot.com - notes on Korea

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