[KS] Call For Papers: "Confucianism and Women in late Choson Korea"

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Thu Jun 10 21:36:03 EDT 2004

Call For Papers

Original essays are invited for a collection [tentatively] entitled 
¡°Confucianism and Women in late Choson Korea." This volume will explore the 
relationship of women's history and Confucianism in the late Choson period 
from a variety of perspectives. This volume of scholarly essays will contain 
relevant, recent studies in English and new Korean scholarship translated 
into English. The editors wish to update and expand current analysis of 
women's studies and Confucianism drawing upon the disciplines of history, 
literature, sociology, philosophy, art history, and anthropology. Proposals 
for translations and original research will be considered.

This project is predicated on considering Choson society on its own terms 
without resorting to a narrow, judgmental application of contemporary 
standards. A balanced and historically sensitive analysis is essential. 
Second, the term "Confucianism" should be carefully defined within the 
essay. Third, the scope of analysis for this project encompasses such groups 
of women as (no)bi, female philosophers, female literati, etc.

The editors welcome especially essays which utilize (newly available) 
historical sources and thus empirically support the conclusions.

The collection will be published as a book at a major academic press.

Send an abstract of 500 words to Youngmin Kim (y2kim at brynmawr.edu) by 
September 1, 2004.

Youngmin Kim,
East Asian Studies, Bryn Mawr College

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