[KS] _Korea Journal_ archives still online?

Brother Anthony ansonjae at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Fri Mar 19 00:49:23 EST 2004

Last August 2003 the Korea Journal sent our Korean Studies List this message:

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Korea Journal website at www.ekoreajournal.net. 
As many may know, The Korea Journal (ISSN 0023-3900) was founded as an English journal in 1961
with the ultimate aim of globally promoting all facets of Korean Studies.  Since then, it has
been widely recognized by scholars in that field.

The new website allows visitors to more easily search and access articles in PDF/HTML forms, as
well as view abstracts of recent articles. In the initial stages of the website launch we will
be providing access to articles from the last three years.  A comprehensive archive of all
published articles will be available online no later than November 2003.

We would also deeply appreciate your taking the time to visit our website and join the Korea
Journal online.  We also hope you express your views in the ¡°Readers' Comments" section, which
can be used as a useful online community and a place for discussing other related issues.


     Yi Jeong-hyeon

      Editor-in-cheif, Korea Journal

      Publication and Information Team

      Korea National Commission for Unesco

      C.O.P. Box 64 Seoul 100-600 Korea

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