[KS] northeast asia project

Junghee Lee dilj at pdx.edu
Tue Mar 30 17:31:19 EST 2004

Dear Peter:

Korean organizations just had a conference on Koguryo History and Culture
last weekend.  You can contact ??????? <kosa100 at korea.com> for more
They will give you the information about the participants in U.S. and in
Korea that you can contact.

Best wishes,

Junghee Lee

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> To whom it may concern:
> My name is Peter Lee and I'm a 2nd year political science student at UC
Berkeley. I'm part of a
> student organization called Committee for Korea Studies. 5-6 students have
been meeting about
> everyday for 2 weeks to learn more about the Northeast Asia Project- the
history of goguryo and
> the reason why Chinese govt is pursuing this. We decided the best way to
> inform the students here at Berkeley is to hold a forum where 3-4
professors or experts can
> lecture and answer questions. Do you have any recommendations? Those
living in the US will be most
> ideal, but if they live in Korea it will be okay also. Thank you. I'll
look forward to hearing
> from
> you soon.
> Peter

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