[KS] Sources of Korean Christianity

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Fri May 7 09:39:04 EDT 2004

Dear List:
I'm afraid Professor Oak's phrase, "sourcebook on Korean Christianity 
(Protestantism)" can be misconstrued and, it can be offensive to some 
readers. It might better be expressed with the words, "sourcebook on Korean 
Protestant Christianity".
Lawrence Driscoll

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>Subject: [KS] Sources of Korean Christianity
>Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 10:27:54 -0700
>Dear Friends,
>A short note to announce the publication of an English sourcebook on Korean 
>Christianity(Protestantism) edited by myself.
>Seoul: Institute for Korean Church History, Feb. 2004.
>Series #37 of the Primary Sources of the IKCH.
>ISBN 89-85628-48-3
>hardbound, 509 pages (including 17 page index), 30,000won.
>Most are transliterated from English materials, yet many are translated 
>from the Chinese, Chinese-Korean or Korean texts into English.
>See "Palhaengdoso" (Publications) at http://user.chollian.net/~ikch0102 for 
>your order.
>The second volume, which covers the 1945-2000 period, is not planned yet.
>Thank you.
>Sung-Deuk Oak
>Visiting Assistant Professor of Korean Christianity
>Center for Korean Studies, UCLA
>oaksung at ucla.edu

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