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Dear List members,

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest Korea Journal issue. The Spring 2004 issue features two topics: “Economic and Social Inequality in Korea” and “Rethinking Korean Views on America.”

Ⅰ. Economic and Social Inequality in Korea
Some argue that inequality in Korean society has been aggravated by and since the IMF financial crisis. In order to examine this argument, these articles use empirical data to explore economic and social inequality in contemporary Korean society utilizing diverse variables such as class, gender, education, and region. The first article points to class inequality as the determining factor of Korea’s economic inequality. The second article discusses how the myth of the male breadwinner and the family-head system operate as influential mechanisms that facilitate and produce gender inequality in Korea. The third article illustrates how, despite economic development and economic expansion, unequal educational opportunity between social strata has intensified in Korea. And the last article notes how regional inequality in Korea during the 1990s, though different from that of the 1980s, has barely improved.

* Class and Income Inequality in Korea / Shin Kwang-Yeong (Chung-Ang Univ., Sociology) 
* Gender Inequality and Patriarchal Order Reexamined / Cho Uhn (Dongguk Univ., Sociology) 
* Educational Inequality in Korea / Phang Hanam S. (Korea Labor Institute, Sociology) 
* Economic Change and Regional Development Disparities in the 1990s in Korea / Lee Sungkyun (Univ. of Ulsan, Sociology) 

Ⅱ. Rethinking Korean Views on America
The provocative question of what America means to Korea is one commonly asked in Korea. Instead of providing an answer to the question, the Korea Journal addresses the issue of how South Korea has constructed its perceptions of the United States. The articles in the volume attempt to understand Korean perceptions of America from the perspectives of history, political science, literature, and sociology. These studies conclude that Koreans have not attempted to understand America and Americans objectively, but have focused on the meaning of America entirely from a Korean-centered perspective. As a result, Koreans have developed a dichotomy of anti-Americanism and pro-Americanism. The articles in this issue can be considered part of an attempt to overcome the stereotyped and dichotomized perception of America.

* Rethinking Korean Views on America / Hwang Jong-yon (Dongguk Univ., Korean Literature) 
* A Historical Overview of Korean Perceptions of the United States / Lew Young Ick (Yonsei Univ., Korean History) 
* The Changing Perception of America in South Korea / Gweon Yong-lib (Kyungsung Unvi., Political Science) * America and Americans in Korean War Literature / Song Seung-Cheol (Hallym Univ., English Literature) 
* Under the Gaze of the American Other / Ju Eunwoo (Seoul National Univ., Sociology) 

Ⅲ. Articles
Besides the above-mentioned topics, two other articles are included in this issue. The first discusses the failure of the high school equalization policy and the second reviews the conditions of Korean literary translation, respectively.

* The School Equalization Policy of Korea: Past Failures and Proposed Measure for Reform / Lee Ju-Ho (KDI, Economics) 
* Conditions of Literary Translation in Korea / Kim Young-hee (KAIST, English Literature) 

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