[KS] Flour Imports in Colonial Korea

Bryan R. Ross rossb003 at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Oct 21 17:27:19 EDT 2004

In going over the import and export statistics in the Chosen Boeki 
Geppo  , The Tables of Trade and Shipping for Chosen, the statistics 
show that in 1935 114,448,979 kin or more than 148,000,000 pounds 
(67,629 metric tons) of wheat flour were imported into Korea.
 From 1924 to 1940 an average of 60 million pounds of wheat flour per 
year was imported into Korea.

Does anyone know if this was consumed by Koreans in the form of bread 
and various noodles and pastas, or was it used for some industrial 

Bryan Ross
University of Hawaii

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