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J.Scott Burgeson jsburgeson at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 24 09:57:24 EDT 2004

> On Oct 17, 2004, at 2:29 AM, J.Scott Burgeson wrote:
In a word, they were "new" at the
> time which is why they are appreciated for their
> orginality within the overarching tradition of the
> literary canon. I wonder if the KLTI really gets
> this fundamental fact..

--- kevin parks <kevin at macosx.com> wrote:

> Is that a _fact_? A _fundamental__fact_? How scary!
> I don't like the  'F' word. And i wonder about that
notion... This puts a darn heavy premium
> on individualism, novelty, and innovation. 

Especially within the modern period, aesthetic
progress and evolution has always gone hand-in-hand
with innovation and transgression of aesthetic
categories. This is a universal phenomenon and not an
imposition of so-called elitist Western values upon an
Eastern cultural context. Many Korean, Japanese and
Chinese artists, writers, etc. happen to value
innovation, too, and it's rather condescending and
reactionary to argue otherwise, in my opinion...
   --Scott Bug  

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