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Call for Papers and Proposals

Gender and Religion

Place: Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
Date: June 19-24, 2005

Background: Women’s Worlds 2005 
The Women’s Worlds Congress is an international interdisciplinary congress on women held every three years. The 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women (WW05), with the main theme, “Embracing the Earth: East-West/North-South,” is the first meeting ever to be held in Asia. For detailed information, please refer to the official website of WW05 (http://www.ww05.org). There are 20 sub-themes including “Gender & Religion,” for which we are looking for papers and proposals as following.

General Description of the Sub-Theme “Gender & Religion” 
This conference sub-theme addresses gender and power issues in the diverse traditions of religions and religious movements of the world. Scholars of gender studies and religion can make an important contribution to this debate by scrutinizing the role of gender ideology in religion, and the role of religions in the making of a gender-equal society. This theme concerns text-based religions as well as living and practiced religions. Historical, philosophical, theological, sociological, anthropological, psychological, textual analysis, and performance-based approaches will all help to provide relevant contributions to this theme.  

Suggested Topics 
We are soliciting papers and proposals on the topics suggested below. These topics include a number of pre-arranged panels, however, the topics can be expanded and varied according to the contributors’ own interests. 
1. Theoretical: Religion and Feminist Studies, Gender and Sexuality in the History of Religion, Spirituality and Eco-feminism, Gender and Buddhism, Feminism and Confucianism, Religious Feminism and Psychoanalysis. 
2. Cultural/Cross-cultural: Religion and Family, Gender Experience in Confucian Cultures, Gender and New Religious Movements in Asia, Comparative Mythology of Women in Asia, Buddhist Women across Local Traditions, Marian Cult and Women’s Devotional Practice, Dressing and Dancing Spirits in Asian Shamanic Religion.
3. Inter-religious: Women Mediators of the Divine, Women as Wisdom in the Christian and Confucian Sacred Texts, Divine Women and Human-Goddesses, Women’s Power and Eroticism in Religious Literature. 
4. Social and Political: Religion and Women’s Rights, Feminization of Churches and Religious Movements, Women’s War Experience and Memorial Rites in Asia, Theravāda Buddhism and Sexism Reconsidered

Proposals may be submitted for individual papers, panels, workshops, round tables, short lectures, posters, and presentations of creative works of art, film and writings. 

Funding Program: The Solidarity Fund is available to cover registration fees for scholars, students and activists from the global South. Please contact WW05 at ewha.ac.kr.

Guideline for Contributors
The official language of the Congress will be English. Abstracts for individual presentations should be no more than 300 words or less than 500 words depending on the session type. When you pre-arrange panels, workshops, and roundtables, you are strongly encouraged to include presenters from different countries. Please submit your papers and proposals to me, the coordinator of the “Gender & Religion” session, by Dec 31, 2004. 

Please contact me for any questions and suggestions.

Seong-nae Kim, Dr.
Department of Religious Studies
Sogang University
Seoul, Korea
E-mail: snkim at sogang.ac.kr
Phone: 82-2-705-8360, Fax: 82-2-712-8234


Eunsu Cho 
Associate Professor of Buddhist Philosophy 
Seoul National University 
Department of Philosophy 
Gwanak-gu, Sillim-dong 
Seoul, S. Korea 151-742 
02-880-6209 (tel) 
02-874-0126 (fax) 
escho at snu.ac.kr
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