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Dear list members,

the following announcement of a workshop by the Local Administration
Research Institute (LARI) might be of interest for those of you residing in

On September 17th, in Seoul a forum of the Local Administration Research
Institute (LARI) with the topic “Citizens’ autonomy and decentralization in
local administration” will take place. Autonomy of smaller units of
administration (eup, myon, dong) has always been a preoccupation of LARI.
The president of LARI, Dr. Kwon Sun-Bok, has been consulted as  expert by
the Presidential Committee on Government Innovation & Decentralization on
this topic.

• Date: September 17th, 2004,  14:00~17:50
• Place: Korea Local Administration Officials’ Mutual Fund Building, (10th
• Organizers: LARI, Cheongweon County
•  Sponsors: Presidential Committee on Government Innovation &
Decentralization, Korean Association for Local Government Studies, Seoul
Shinum, Hanns Seidel Foundation


13:30~14:00  Registration

14:00~14:20  	Opening remarks: Dr. Kwon, Sun-Bok (president, LARI)
Opening speech: Oh, Hyo-Jin (County chief, Cheongweon-gun,
Congratulatory remarks: Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Resident Representative, Hanns
Seidel Foundation Seoul)


- Moderator: Dr. Oh, Jae-Il (Prof. Jeonnam University, Dept. of Public
Administration )
-  Paper 1: Decentralization in local administration and the democratization
of administration in eup, myon, dong
Dr. Kwon, Sun-Bok (president, LARI)
- Paper 2: Decentralization of local autonomy and the organizations in local
Dr. Ahn, Seong-Ho (Prof. Daejeon University, Dept. of Public Administration)
- Paper 3: Local autonomy and civic education
 Choi, Bong-Ik (Open high school of YMCA Gwangju)
-Paper 4: Mergers in local administration and decentralization of local
 Danaka Dakeschi (representative, CLAIR)

16:00~17:00  Discussion

- Discutants: Oh, Hyo-Jin (County chief, Cheonweon-gun, Chungbuk-Prov.)
            Dr. Lee, Gi-Woo (Prof., Inha University, Dept. of Political
            Dr. Jeon, Deuk-Ju (Prof., Sungschil University, Dept. of
Political Science)
            Ji, Byung-Mun (Member of Parliament, Uri Party)

(All proceedings will be in Korean only.)

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