[KS] Looking for someone to write textbook materials

Namhee Lee namhee at chwe.net
Thu Sep 23 11:56:25 EDT 2004

Dear list members:
A former graduate student of our dept. who is now teaching at
  the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain, is looking 
someone to write a textbook entry for undergrad students and the detail 
is as follows.
Please direct all inquiries to Carlos Prado-Fonts at 
CPF at humnet.ucla.edu.

Thank you,
Namhee Lee

> I am writing to you due to the following: one of my new tasks as a 
> Professor
> here is to coordinate the creation of new classroom materials for our 
> own
> use. This is a university with a high degree of on-line teaching and 
> we have
> specific materials for this -which we create, edit and publish.
> I am now coordinating the creation of a course on "Culture and Society 
> in
> East Asia." This course has 3 main parts that are supposed to cover:
> (a) MODERN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY (the role of intellectuals, their 
> relation
> to the State, universities and intellectual centers and so on).
> (b) CIVIL SOCIETY ("public sphere", nationalism, democracy, human 
> rights,
> social rebellions and so on; we are aware of the intricacies of these
> concepts when applied to the East Asian context).
> (c) POPULAR CULTURE (arts, music, cinema, TV)
> We are seeking for authors who would like to write about these issues. 
> The
> texts are meant to be used as textbook/classroom materials for
> undergraduates without much background knowledge about East Asian 
> societies.
> In a sense, these materials are a sort of survey, introductory 
> approach,
> neither deep nor specialized. I am attaching an example of other 
> materials
> we are using: even if they are written in Catalan language, it is just 
> for
> you to get a rough idea of what we are looking for. There is a good 
> number
> of images that we would incorporate (it would not be the authors' 
> task).
> The total extension of the course materials is around 300 pages. Each 
> of the
> three blocks should be around 100 pages, 30 pages per area (Korea, 
> Japan and
> China).
> Perhaps you could direct me to someone who could write about any of 
> these
> conceptual blocks in Korea, Japan or China. It could be either you or 
> any
> other Professor or grad student. Maybe someone who wrote a paper about 
> any
> of these topics, or a chapter of a dissertation or something similar. 
> For a
> grad student, it would be a good chance to have something published.
> The deadline (and this is the tough part) would be early December for 
> the
> first block and early January for the second and the third. Since it's 
> a
> very tight deadline we understand it would be highly preferable to find
> texts or materials already created (papers, chapters of dissertations,
> classroom notes that could be edited and so forth). The materials 
> could be
> in English (and we would translate them into Catalan and Spanish).
> There is a symbolic economic retribution for all this. Around $2,400 
> per
> block (so $800 per area in a block).
> I would really appreciate it if you could direct me to someone who 
> would be
> willing to collaborate with us. Please let me know if you need more 
> details.
> Best wishes,
> Carlos

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