[KS] Hermit Country?

William Pore willpore at gwu.edu
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Professor Walraven,

Thank you for stating what you intended by "standard East Asian 
practice." My question about such a blanket statement arises not only 
from the apparent general assumption that "East Asia" is considered to 
be China, Korea and Japan, but not Vietnam (even though based on its 
close cultural ties to the other three states it is validly East 
Asian), but also because the terms East and Southeast Asia are Western 
usages common only since World War II and also because returning 
distressed foreigners does not always seem to have been the standard 
practice followed in each of those states throughout their histories. 

Will Pore     

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> By standard East Asian practice I intended to say China, Korea and
> Japan. I have no idea what Vietnamese practice was in such cases.
> In my previous message I forgot to mention that during their
> negotiations both the Japanese and Koreans referred to Hamel's
> companions (who included a Scot, a German and a Scandinavian) as their
> own people.
> Boudewijn Walraven    
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> Excuse me, but what is "standard East Asian Practice"? Do you mean
> Vietnam, too?

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