[KS] currency exchange rate in the early 1980s

T.N. Park tnpark at mac.com
Tue Aug 16 02:51:55 EDT 2005

Namhee Lee wrote:
> Would anyone know the exchange rate of dollar to won in the early 
> 1980s, around 1983, 1984?

The information is found here and there, and some currency sites used 
to have historical information readily available.

For example, here's a general chart that lists several countries' 
currencies versus the USD from 1982 to 2002:

oanda.com has an easy-to-use site at:

If you write in USD for U.S. dollar and KRW for Korean won, it makes 
things go smoothly. Unfortunately, it doesn't go any earlier than 
October 1993.

This site goes up to January 1990:


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