[KS] Pacific War and Korean War

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Dear all,

Before publishing the book that by G. Cameron Hurst mentioned, Park Do
published a wide selection of those photographs from NARA archive in a
series of 30 articles in Ohmynews with title "Sajinûro ponûn Han'guk
chônjaeng", Korean War in Photographs. 
Link to the first article of the serial:
The whole serial:

Quoting "G. Cameron Hurst" <gchurst at sas.upenn.edu>:

> I would also recommend a Korean publication by Noonbit Publishing 
> Company (2004), called in English "The Indelible Image: The 
> Photographs of the Korean War from National Archives and Records 
> Administration in the United States of America" (Korean: Chiulsu 
> omnun imiji). ISBN: 89-7409-155-0. Edited by Park Do, it is quite 
> extensive, covering many topics in some 248 pages of photos. 

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