[KS] NEW BOOK Translation: Contradictions (Mosun) by Yang Gui-ja

Karen Smith kks3 at IS.Cornell.edu
Tue Aug 23 16:43:39 EDT 2005

The East Asia Program is pleased to announce the publication of
CONTRADICTIONS (Mosun), by Yang Gui-ja, translated by Stephen Epstein
and Kim Mi-Young, as No. 126 in the Cornell East Asia Series. The
best-selling novel in South Korea for 1998, Contradictions is a
coming-of-age tale in which author Yang explores the paradoxes and
contradictions of the human condition and delves into the meaning of
love, marriage and personal happiness. For further information or to
place orders please see:

FYI Contradictions is priced at $18.00 paperback, $35.00 hardcover. The
book is also for sale on Amazon.com (with a significant mark-up in
price). All CEAS titles remain available directly from our secure online
bookstore at "Special Publisher-Direct Pricing," so please bear this in
mind and advise any colleagues and students. 

For further order information: toll free U.S.A. 877-865-2432
(607-255-8038); ceas at cornell.edu; Cornell East Asia Series Distribution
Center, Attention Melanie Moss, 95 Brown Rd., Box 1004, Rm 241; Ithaca,
NY 14850. Fax 607-255-7534.

Karen K. Smith, Managing Editor, Cornell East Asia Series
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