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Edward Shultz shultz at hawaii.edu
Wed Aug 24 01:42:58 EDT 2005

Dear Friend in Korean Studies,
	Re: A brand new web site we're excited about: 

In 1999 a group of us came together to plan the centennial of Korean 
immigration to America. To get everyone's story in the mix, we had to 
approach the centennial story as an epic. Korea and America. Early 
immigrants and new. The renowned and the unknown. 
The bitter and the sweet.
The most visible result was the two-hour documentary film project on 
PBS, "Arirang."

Then we backed up and started over. How could the stories be configured 
to have a lasting impact on students and teachers? 

Working on grants from the Korea Foundation, the Hawaii Council for 
Humanities and the City and County of Honolulu, we developed a multi-
layered answer: 

	(1) The web site www.arirangeducation.com
	(2) Lesson plans (in pdf files on site)
	(3) A DVD of film clips and interviews edited down to 
classroom-usable length

Will you please look at the web site? www.arirangeducation.com?  We 
welcome comments, suggestions and, if possible, reviews. Because so 
little is known, education about Korean America is important, so we 
hope you'll spread the word!

Edward J. Shultz

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