[KS] Fulbright grant deadline extended; proposals are still being sought

Clark, Donald dclark at trinity.edu
Sat Aug 27 15:47:32 EDT 2005

To the list: 

      The Fulbright Program is actively seeking more Korea applications
from scholars in the field who are U.S. citizens and have project
proposals for the period 9/2006-9/2007.  Applications are also welcome
for a while longer in Japan studies.  If you have been thinking about
this, or wishing that you had more information or thought you had missed
the deadline, please reconsider.  The opportunities are very valuable
and the support system is excellent. Comparative grants that include
Japan are also invited (re-invited).  So are comparative studies
applications from China scholars that consider Korea and/or Japan.


      Grants are for 3-10 months.  Grants can start anytime after
September 1, 2006 but work must be completed no later than September 30,
2007.  Applicants must be a minimum of three years beyond the Ph.D.  For
more information visit, www.cies.org <http://www.cies.org>, or contact
David Adams, dadams at cies.iie.org <mailto:dadams at cies.iie.org>, or
202-686-4021 regarding grants in Japan or Mamiko Hada,
mhada at cies.iie.org <mailto:mhada at cies.iie.org>, 202-686-7873 regarding
grants in Korea.  Grants include a good benefit package.

Don Clark



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