[KS] Taedong Law, Sirhak school and the rise of factory style cottage industry

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Junghee Lee:
   Look up "taedong" or "taedongbop" in the index of my Confucian Statecraft 
and Korean Institutions.
                          Jim Palais
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cottage industry

> Dear colleagues:
> One of my students is having difficulty understanding in a simple way what 
> the
> Taedong Law was and what effect it had.  Also how does that relate to the 
> rise
> of factory style cottage industry the artisans somehow got rid of 
> government
> control.  What kind of power the Sirhak school and what kind of changes
> actually occurred as the result of that movement and how these three 
> things
> interact each other (Sirhak school, Taedong Law and the rise of the 
> factory
> style cottage).
> Thank you for any help you can provide sorting out this difficult and 
> complex
> issue.
> Best wishes,
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