[KS] jeongganbo (mensural notation)

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Tue Feb 8 23:52:27 EST 2005

hi folks,

I suddenly find myself having to work with a musical composition 
written in jeongganbo (mensural notation), which i used to be pretty 
good at when i was trying to play haegum and kayagum. I use to have a 
great little cheat sheet(s) that explained all the symbols and how to 
translate the rhythms into "western" notation, etc. I don't have that 
cheat sheet handy and all i have is the book "Theoretical Perspectives 
on Korean Music" and couple of other less than ideal sources. When I 
moved back from Korea last year i sent too many of my books off to my 
folks place. Bad move! Anyway, I know some music folks hang about on 
this list. If there is any among you you have a nice handout that you 
use for jeongganbo  and feel like being generous and sharing i would be 
obliged. Meanwhile, I'll see how far my memory and my Kuk-ak-ki kich'o 
i-lun book gets me.

I just love jeongganbo. I truly wish i was more fluent with it.


kevin parks
UVa - music dept.

Happy New Year

P.S. I think Keith Howard had something nice in his older Korean 
Instruments book, the Korean one with the red cover published by 
Sae-Kwang i believe .... why do i not have that book with me? Gr.....

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