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Ruediger Frank ruediger.frank at univie.ac.at
Wed Feb 23 03:53:07 EST 2005

Dear list,

talking about laws, does anybody know the fate of the proposed bill to 
re-claim Kando (Gando)? As far as I know, a group of lawmakers submitted it 
to the National Assembly in September 2004, stating that the 1909 
Kando-Convention was illegal and had been nullified in 1952 anyway. As I 
understand it, the Kando Convention was signed between Japan (acting as the 
protectorate power of Korea) and China and recognized Chinese sovereignty 
over a huge chunk of land in Manchuria. A colleague also told me that some 
kind of a time margin was attached to the convention (99 years???). Was 
Kando, at any time after Parhae, a part of Korea? What happened to the bill?

I would appreciate any informed comment on the facts, hoping that this post 
will NOT stimulate an overly emotional discussion.

Thank you,


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