[KS] gender in 20C korea

Robert Oppenheim rmo at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Jan 18 15:57:57 EST 2005

Dear Ji-Yeon (and all),

Several of the ethnographies of middle-class life (Lett's In Pursuit of 
Status, Nelson's Measured Excess) present interesting perspectives on 
contemporary gender and its historical transformations.  I taught them both 
(in dialogue) last term and found students really responded well.  (Of 
course, that is in addition to the other fine books on your list...)

Rob Oppenheim

Department of Asian Studies
1 University Station G9300
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At 09:18 AM 1/18/2005 -1000, you wrote:
>Dear Ji-Yeon (and interested readers),
>You've compiled an interesting list.  Other list participants will
>probably comment further, but on the "comfort women" issue, if you are
>going to use only one book I would suggest something other than George
>Hicks' book.  There are several possibilities, but one you might want to
>look at is Yuki Tanaka's _Japan's Comfort Women: Sexual Slavery and
>Prostitution during World War II and the US Occupation_.  Obviously, it
>goes beyond the war years, and looks both at sexual slavery and
>occupation-era prostitution, which may or may not be an advantage for
>your class.  While the section on sexual slavery is shorter than Hicks'
>book, it does not show the signs of sensationalism and haste that are
>evident in Hicks, while still retaining the horrifying sense of
>degradation that the system inflicted.
>Michael Allen
>Brigham Young University Hawaii

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