[KS] Re: gender in 20C korea (Yuh Ji-Yeon) [Reading suggestion]

David Kosofsky kayaksky at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 09:18:15 EST 2005

Yuh Ji-Yeon (j-yuh at northwestern.edu) wrote:

>Dear colleagues,

>An undergraduate has asked me to teach an independent study
> on Korean women and gender in the 20th century. Suggestions 
>would be very welcome for readings. I am looking in particularly 
>for readings that discuss the transition from the Chosun dynasty 
>to the colonial period and into the 
>post-war period and its impact on women ...
I'd suggest you look at Laura Nelson's "Measured Excess: Status, Gender and Consumer Nationalism in South Korea" [ New York: Columbia University Press, 2000] for a  treatment of the intertwining discourses of national identity, consumer practices and gender in South Korea.  The review that appeared on this list will give you a sense of the book's scope and argument--
-- but not of the exceptional descriptive richness that would, I think, make it a very rewarding text for an undergraduate's independent study.
David Kosofsky
Athens, GA.

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