[KS] RE: Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 24, Issue 4

jrpking jrpking at interchange.ubc.ca
Fri Jun 3 12:30:34 EDT 2005

Thanks to Roland for his comment. 

> However, I think you are a little too far into the Chomsky/Krashen camp on 
> this one.
> It is not being authoritarian for a government to set a standard on how 
> "their" language should be romanized or written in English.  

I should probably clarify a bit, and how amusing that I should be grouped with Chomsky on something linguistics-related -- I much prefer his politics to his linguistics (unless you were meaning his politics here, which is also conceivable, but he rarely combines the two in his published work). 

I am not necessarily opposed to the idea of government-legislated standards in language per se (although the way these have come about in the two Koreas and the politics and ideologies that come into play with them are a great story that has yet to be told in a comprehensive fashion). What I have a problem with is the notion that anybody writing about Korea in English and in a context not under the legislative authority of Korea should somehow be obliged to follow the official ROK system simply 'because the ROK government does it that way.'


Ross King
Associate Professor of Korean, University of British Columbia
Dean, Korean Language Village, Concordia Language Villages

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