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Can a Koreanist, in good conscience subscribe to Japan Focus?
True, the name of our electronic journal is 
something of an affront, and it is to be hoped 
that it changes in due time to reflect the 
Asia-Pacific thrust of the work that appears 
there, notably reportage and scholarship on 
Japan, China, Korea and the Asia-Pacific.
In fact a great deal is being published that is 
central to Korea and to Northeast Asia: on the 
two Koreas, on Japan-Korea relations, on US-NK-6 
nation nuclear negotiations, on the future of a 
Northeast Asia community, on China-Japan-Korea 
conflicts over  territorial issues and war memory.

We invite Koreanists to subscribe and contribute to the journal.

Japan Focus is an electronic journal chronicling 
Japan and the Asia-Pacific in global perspective, 
encompassing politics, economics, society, 
history, culture, international relations, war 
and peace, and historical memory. In addition to 
Japan Focus exclusives, it presents translations 
from Japanese and other languages as well as 
reprints of important texts. Japan Focus draws on 
the writings of researchers, journalists, policy 
analysts and writers throughout Asia and the 
Pacific, North America, Europe and Australia. Its 
fully indexed website provides a permanent 
resource for researchers on the Asia-Pacific.

Subscribers receive a weekly announcement of the 
latest posts and a link to each. Here are the 
articles posted during the last two weeks. 
Articles of particular reference to Korea are 
asterisked (*).

  	Japan Focus Newsletter
  New Articles Posted May 11, 2005

  in this issue
<#feature>Robert S. McNamara, Apocalypse Soon
<#article1>*Utsumi Aiko, Japanese World War II 
POW Policy: Indifference and Irresponsibility
<#article2>*Jess Bravin,	Prisoner Rights 
and International Law: Japanese and American 
Responsibility >From World War II to Guantanamo
<#article3>Geremie Barmé, Mirrors of History: On 
a Sino-Japanese Moment and Some Antecedents
<#article4>Mark Selden,	Remembering 'The Good 
War': The Atomic Bombing and the Internment of 
Japanese-Americans in U.S. History Textbooks
<#article5>*Asahi Shimbun, Korean Slave Laborers: 
Repatriating and Burying the Dead
<#article6>*Jin Hyung-joo, Textbook Nationalism: 
Perspetives on China, Japan and Korea
<#article7>*Kaneko Masaru, Lost Horizons: The 
Flawed 'Nationalism' of the Koizumi Regime

	 New Articles Posted May 19, 2005

  in this issue
<#feature>Yuki Tanaka, Firebombing and Atom 
Bombing: an historical perspective on 
indiscriminate bombing
<#article1>Andrew DeWit, Scientific Stereotypes East and West
<#article2>Tony de Brum, BRAVO and Today: US 
Nuclear Tests in the Marshall Islands
*<#article3>Karasaki Taro, Why Japanese Wartime 
Apologies Fail: A German perspective
<#article4>Greg Mitchell, Incribing Hiroshima: 
The Photography of Matsushige Yoshito

  For access to all Japan Focus articles, or to 
subscribe, go to http://japanfocus.org/

mark selden
ms44 at cornell.edu
coordinator, japan focus
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