[KS] Two more news resources (and one less) on North Korea

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Mon May 30 14:37:10 EDT 2005

Listmembers who don't already know may like to be aware
of two more newish news resources on North Korea,
plus the apparent waning of a third.

1. www.northkoreatimes.com will, if you sign up 
(no charge), email you daily DPRK-related headlines
It's a bit hit and miss, and the links don't always work.
I suspect it's computer-generated, as it seems to be part
of a whole family of sites. (The South Korea equivalent
www.southkoreatimes.com is snazzier.) 

Though not a patch on proper sites, like Nautilus or the 
indispensable NKZone, this can serve as a useful alert. 
(NKZone used to send alerts - but no longer, it seems.)

2. Daily headlines are also one of the services offered by
the similarly named but quite unrelated www.nk-news.net
This is a new dedicated North Korea site, technically excellent,
which manages both to be extremely useful and a lot of fun.

For anyone who has ever chafed at the lack of a search function
on KCNA (www.kcna.co.jp), this lacuna has now been filled
- not by the comrades themselves, but by a web designer in
California as an exercise in his craft. ( He explains, thoughtfully, at
http://www.nk-news.net/about/site_history.php )

For anyone put off (but why be?) by the cheerful irreverence - 
site features include a Random Insult Generator, with suggestions
like "human scum" (24 entries) or "resolutely smash" (48) to get you started 
this is nonetheless a serious research tool, going right back to 1996.
Thus one of my own hobbyhorses, "land rezoning", yields 93 entries.
There are 43 for catfish, 26 for ostrich; and so on. Other useful
features include a Gregorian - Juche era calendar conversion tool.

3. Some are born, others die. With no updating since February,
it looks as if www.pyongyangsquare is no more.
Which is a shame. It was good while it lasted.

With comminations to flunkeyists - 324 entries - everywhere
(it takes one to know one...)


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All good 

looks to be computer-generated

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