[KS] Korea in World War II

caprio caprio at rikkyo.ne.jp
Wed May 4 18:16:06 EDT 2005

There were a number of interviews conducted by US officials
with Koreans over the latter two years of the war that might
be of interest to you.  These included Korean POWs as well
as informants whose names are, unfortunately, "cleansed" that
is blacked out.  Also, there is information on US attempts
to recruit Koreans living in Korea for US military purposes.
Hope that this helps.

Good luck,

Mark Caprio
Rikkyo University

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> This is my first entry in the Korea web email, so any help or advice will be
> much appreciated.  Am currently doing my Master's research on Korea during
> WWII, and would like to interview, correspond, meet (am in the Chicago
> area), etc. anyone who may have been around during that time from citizens
> to soldiers.  Unfortunately, I do not speak Korean and will not have time to
> learn it for the completion of this project. While I know that this limits
> me, any suggestions will be of great help.  Thanks.
> J.Z. Kopsky
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