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Dear Hildi,
It's nice to see that I'm not the only one interested in the Koryosa and the Sillok, although judging from the response to your question there are not too many out there.
If possible, I think it is still best to refer to the original woodblock prints:  thus "sega 40/Kongmin wang 12 year (1363) yun 3 month" would simply be KRS (or Koryosa) 40: 17a-24a in which the first number refers to the chapter (kwon), the second to the page in that chapter, and the letter to the left column (a) or the right column (b). 
So even if you find the reference in a translation, it is better to go back to the originals to check the passage and use this standard format. The citation system you gave is commonly used in Korean scholarship, but I think it is cumbersome; for example, in the sillok, the entries for one date can run over many pages, making it difficult to find the reference.
Of course giving the date makes it easier to trace a reference if you don't have a copy of the original woodblock editions, but these days you can find copies of these on the internet; for example I found the above citation from the Koryosa on the Kyujanggak website, which has very nice pdf files with clear copies of the original woodblock edition of the Koryosa in their collection.
hope this helps!
Sem Vermeersch
Keimyung University

Hildi Kang <kangswh at trivalley.com> wrote:
Dear List Members
With both the KoryOsa and Sillok being available on the web, I am wondering if any standardized method for citing references has developed. It seems unnecessarily long to write  "sega 40/Kongmin wang 12 year (1363) yun 3 month" or "137 yOlchOn 50 / Sin U 14 year (1388) 4 month."  I'd appreciate knowing what others are doing. Thanks.
Hildi Kang
Center for Korean Studies
UC Berkeley

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