[KS] Romanization systems

lawrence driscoll lawdri at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 11:27:58 EDT 2005

Dear List:
This thread is very interesting, but to the uninitiated Korean language 
learner it must be very intimidating. Granted romanization is a necessary 
evil, but to anyone seriously interested in taking up Spoken Korean, 
reliance on romanization is self-defeating. I say this because, thanks to 
the benevolent King Sejong, learning hangul is quite easy, just as he 
intended. Yes, even for the foreigner.
Do yourselves a favor and learn Hangul from the start. If one relies on 
romanization at the start, then a lot of time will wasted later in 
remediation of poor pronunciation. Basically 10 vowels and 14 consonants, 
and a measure of dipthongs, are not hard to learn. Before you know it those 
"°¡³ª´Ù" (or "ga na da", whoops...see I'm a casualty of romanization too) 
symbols will become inscribed in your psyche.
That it's a tough language can't be denied, but for those willing to try, 
the rewards are great indeed.
Best of luck,
Lawrence Driscoll

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