[KS] Hangul and Korean Cricket

Stefan Ewing sa_ewing at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 19:50:56 EDT 2005

In a very nice tie-in to what both Lawrence Driscoll and Jim Hoare wrote, 
not only should we thank King Sejong and his advisors (and Choe Se-jin, for 
that matter), but So Chae-pil who with the _Tongnip Sinmun_ helped to lift 
the "Onmun" out of almost 400 years of relative obscurity; not to the 
colonial-era Hangul movement!

I agree that it is incumbent on anyone seriously considering learning Korean 
to pick up Hangul as soon as possible.  All the rest will follow naturally, 
after much sweat, toil, and tears!

On the chance anyone is reading this who would like to learn Hangul or who 
knows anyone who would like to learn Hangul, I did recently discover one 
decent online site for learning Hangul at J. David Eisenberg's _An 
Introduction to Korean_ site.

Intro page: http://langintro.com/kintro/first.htm
Table of contents: http://langintro.com/kintro/toc.htm

Stefan Ewing

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>Subject: Re: [KS] Romanization systems
>Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 15:27:58 +0000
>Dear List:
>This thread is very interesting, but to the uninitiated Korean language 
>learner it must be very intimidating. Granted romanization is a necessary 
>evil, but to anyone seriously interested in taking up Spoken Korean, 
>reliance on romanization is self-defeating. I say this because, thanks to 
>the benevolent King Sejong, learning hangul is quite easy, just as he 
>intended. Yes, even for the foreigner.
>Do yourselves a favor and learn Hangul from the start. If one relies on 
>romanization at the start, then a lot of time will wasted later in 
>remediation of poor pronunciation. Basically 10 vowels and 14 consonants, 
>and a measure of dipthongs, are not hard to learn. Before you know it those 
>"°¡³ª´Ù" (or "ga na da", whoops...see I'm a casualty of romanization too) 
>symbols will become inscribed in your psyche.
>That it's a tough language can't be denied, but for those willing to try, 
>the rewards are great indeed.
>Best of luck,
>Lawrence Driscoll
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