[KS] Asia Europe Perspective Assocation and Institute for CEO of Korea 2005 Fall Conference (sponsored by Hanns Seidel Foundation)

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Thu Nov 10 20:12:28 EST 2005

Dear list members, 
economic cooperation and integration remains high on the East Asian agenda with the APEC summit beginning soon. Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea office is proud to be among the sponsors of the Asia-Europe Perspective Association and Institute for CEO of Korea 2005 Fall conference taking place in Seoul on November 18th. This conference will take political, economic, cultural and managerial perspectives to explore the future of economic integration of East Asia, and, in particular, the development of the geo-political environment of Korea in the mid of continental and seapower nations. 
All interested list members and others are invited to attend the conference. 

Asia-Europe Perspective Association and Institute for Chief Executive Officers of Korea 2005 Fall Conference 

The Coexistence and Cooperation between Continental and Seapower Nations: 

Political, Economic and Cultural Perspective 


Time : 09:00-18:00 November 18, 2005 (Friday) 

Place : New World Hall 19F, President Hotel, Seoul 


Organizers: Asia Europe Perspective Forum 

Institute for CEO of Korea


Sponsors: Hanns Seidel Foundation, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of Switzerland, Yuhan Corporation, Ildong Pharm. Corp., Chongwae Pharm. Corp., Financial News


Theme:  The Coexistence and Cooperation between Continental and Seapower Nations: Political, Economic and Cultural Perspectives 


09:00-09:30            Registration         

09:30-10:00            Opening Ceremony  

Presider:  Prof. Hae-Jin Hwang (Ewha Womans Univ.) 


                              Opening Addresses       


Prof. Kun-Hee Lee (Ewha Womans Univ.) 

Prof. Kwang-Seo Park (Soonchunhyung Univ.) 

H.E. Ambassador Tomas Smetanka (EmbassyofThe Czech Republic) 

President, Kyo-Il Seo(Soonchunhyung Univ.) 

10:00-10:40            Keynote Speech: 

H.E. Ambassador Christian Hauswirth (Embassy of Switzerland) 

The Harmony and Cooperation between Continental and 

Seapower Nations from European Perspective 


10:40-10:50            Coffee Break 

10:50-12:50            Session I : Political and Economic Session   

                                 Place: New World Hall   

                                 Presider: Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Hanns-Seidel Stiftung) 


Paper 1: The Odd Nexus of Accelerating and Decenterating Factors in East Asia Cooperation 

Prof. Sang-Wha Chung (Yonsei Univ.) 


Paper 2: Experimenting Multilateralism in Northeast Asia 

Prof. Jae- Chang Kim (Yonsei Univ.) 


Paper 3: Financial Crisis, Cooperation and Coordination 

Prof. Yeo-Jin Yun (Ewha Womans Univ.) 




Dr. Ulrike Wolf (German Embassy) 

Dr. Beck, Peter (ICG) 

Dr. Toni Michell (KABC) 



13:00-14:30            Luncheon 

                              Hosted by President Joong-Ken Cha (Yuhan Cooperation) 

                              Keynote Speech:  Korean entrepreneurial Spirit 


14:30-17:50            Session II : Enterprises Working and CEO Society 

Place: Grill Hall   

Presider : Young Yuel Park  (Yonsei Univ.) 


Paper 4: Expierences of German Unification-Lesson for Korea           

Prof. Dr. Bernd Martin (Freiburg Univ. Germany) 


Paper 5: Global Culture or the Culture of Globalization? 

Dr. Thea Bellou (Victoria University, Australia) 



Paper 6: Cooperation for Establishment of Monetary Community in East Asia 

Prof. Jonathan Lee (Hanyang Univ.)/ Im-Soo Yoo 

(Ewha  Womans Univ.)         


Paper 7: A Prior Study for the effects of the FTA among the Korea, China and Japan 

Prof. Bong-Sik Sul / Hyun-Chung Chin (Joongang Univ.) 

Prof.Won H.Koo (North Dakota Univ.) 




Dr. Sung Min Chang (WNPF)

Prof. Yeo-Sup Shin(Hanyang Univ.) 

Dr. Sanjay Sharma (IPSOS Group) 

Prof. Chong-Ho Pyo (Soonchunhyang Univ.)    



14:30-17:50            Session III : Enterprise Management and Cultural Activity 

                                    Place: New World Hall   

                                 Presider : Prof. Kun-Hee Lee  (Ewha Womans Univ.) 


Paper 8: Screen Quota, BIT and FTA: Korea and USA 

Dir. Joon-Sung Jung (Media Solidarity) 


Paper 9: Prospective of Capitalism and a Economic view of Yoo Il-Hanism 

Prof. Kwang-Sur Park (Soonchunhyang Univ.) 


Paper 10: The Construction of Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel 

Prof. Jang-Chul Shin (Sungshil Univ.) 


Paper 11: An Analysis of the KOSPI 200 Index Option Market 

Dr. Ji-Sook Shin (Ewha Womans Univ.) 




Prof. Hyun-Woong Shin (Yonsei Univ.) 

President Kang-Sik Ko(Top Management Consulting) 

Dr. Yong-Sang Lee (Korea Railroad Research Institute) 

Prof. Myung-Hie Lee (Ewha Womans Univ.) 


17:50-18:00            Closing Remarks               


18:00-20:00            Dinner 


 Looking forward to meet you at the conference. 




Bernhard Seliger



Dr. Bernhard Seliger

Hanns Seidel Stiftung - Seoul Office

Room 501, Soo Young Bldg., 64-1, Hannam 1 Dong, Yongsan-gu

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel.+ 82 2 790 5344

Fax. + 82 2 790 5346
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