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Sun Nov 13 20:53:36 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

The November meeting of the Chousenshi Kenkyuukai will be held Saturday,
November 26, at Senshu University. This month's speakers, who will present
in Japanese, are below.

Research Presentation:
Yi KyOngsa.  "The Issue of Resident North Koreans Changing their
Nationality in Tagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1970"

Book Review:
Kasuya Kenichi. "ChosOn hugi muban pOlchok kamun yOngu," by Chang P'ilgi,
(Seoul: Chimmundang, 2004).

The meeting will start at 1:30 pm in Room 202. Senshu University is
located near the Kudanshita and Jinbochou stations. For further
information, please contact Ken Robinson.

Also, and with apologies for the late announcement, the Chousenshi
Kenkyuukai held its annual conference last month in Kyoto. The speakers on
the first day were Nakao Hiroshi and Kim Ch'angnok.  On the second day,
Asai Yoshizumi, Ogawara Hiroyuki, Ishikawa Ryouta, and Sin Ch'angu
delivered papers on late nineteenth century and early twentieth century

Ken Robinson

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