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Librarians catalog her books using the Mccune-Reischauer romanization, so search for "Kim, So-yong."   You will find  several of her books.      

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> Dear Dr. Wegehaupt,
> Thank you for the list of publications by Kim Soyoung. I have since
> searched the Library of Congress, Barnes and Noble, NACSIS Webcat, and
> HOLLIS homepages for Kim Soyoung and the titles below. No hits 
> emerged,though I no doubt missed them in my searches.
> If the books are in Korean, might you provide the romanized titles 
> (andpublishers, too)?  Thank you.
> Ken Robinson
> > Any discussion of Korean film study would be lacking without 
> mention of
> > KIM Soyoung.  As the head of the Department of Cinema Studies in the
> > School of Film and Multimedia at the Korean National University 
> of the
> > Arts, she stands out not only as a scholar providing challenging
> > theoretical analyses of Korean film but also as a successful film 
> maker> and feminist activist in her own right.  Her impact extends 
> also to the
> > numerous women she has instructed who are now working in various 
> roles> (directors, producers) within the modern Korean film industry.
> >
> > She serves as chief editor of Trans: Journal of Visual Culture 
> Studies,> and editorial collective member for Inter-Asia Cultural 
> Studies and
> > Traces: A multilingual Journal of Cultural Theory and 
> Translation.  Her
> > books include Specters of Modernity: Fantastic Korean Cinema; Kim
> > Soyoung's Film Reviews; Cinema: Blue Flower in the Land of 
> Technology.> She served as editor of Cine-Feminism: Reading popular 
> Cinema.  Her
> > film works include Koryu: Southern Women and South Korea, along with
> > other short films made for a women filmmakers' collective.  Her 
> recent> film project, Women's History Trilogy, is available with 
> English> subtitles on DVD.
> >
> >
> > m. wegehaupt
> > u. michigan
> >
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