[KS] Query: specialists in Korean cinema / Kim Soyoung, etc.

Matty Wegehaupt omatty at umich.edu
Tue Nov 15 15:03:17 EST 2005

Drs. Robinson and Lew and any other readers still on this thread~

Lest a failure to disclose otherwise should garner suspicion, there is 
yet no "Dr." at this address.  Your courtesy is appreciated as my lack 
of offering a first name facilitated this misunderstanding.  Please, by 
all means, "Matty" is sufficient.

In addition, should anyone have trouble getting a hold of the following 
KIM Soyoung articles, they can contact me directly.

-(2001) "Modernity in Suspense: The Logic of Fetishism in Korean 
Cinema," Traces 1: 301–17.

-(1998) "'Cine-Mania' or Cinephilia: Film Festivals and Identity 
Questions." UTS Review 4, no.2 : 174-87

-(1998) "Questions of Woman's Film: /The Maid/, /Madame Freedom/, and 
Women," in Post-Colonial Classics of Korean Cinema, ed. Chungmoo Choi, 

all the best,
matty wegehaupt

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