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North Koreans refer to the Korean War as the "Glorious Fatherland Liberation
War," which they claim (and most believe) they won.
 South Koreans refer to the War by the date it started- 6/25... They just
say "six, two, five war" in Korean. They'll know what you mean if you say
"Korean War," however.

 On 11/16/05, eun at sfsu.edu <eun at sfsu.edu> wrote:
> I'm an art history graduate student writing a thesis which includes works
> that
> feature the Korean War. During one of my advising meetings with Dr.
> Bettleheim, she raised an interesting question that she wants me to find
> an
> answer to: What do Koreans call the Korean War? Do North Koreans refer to
> this war as the Korean War?
> Eun Jung Smith
> Graduate Student
> Art History Department
> San Francisco State University

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