[KS] Korean War (other terms)

petrov at coombs.anu.edu.au petrov at coombs.anu.edu.au
Sat Nov 19 01:06:57 EST 2005

I believe that it is up to the translator how to interpret the word
"Choguk" - "Fatherland"/"Motherland" (Eng.) or "Otchizna"/"Rodina-mat'"
(Rus.). But for North/South Koreans, who where influenced by the Confucian
tradition, it is always "Grandfatherland" or "Ancestral Country", as it
has just been mentioned.

The Nazi/Fascsist tradition has something to do with it (via Imperial
Japan), but it is the Russian concept of "Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voina"
[Great Patriotic War] which influenced the North Korean translation of
"Choguk Haebang ChOnjaeng".

Leonid Petrov

>As far as I know DPRK official translation is "Fatherland." I suppose a
more literal translation might be "Grandfatherland" or "Ancestral
Country," which wouldn't work too well in Western languages. But
Fatherland does have unfortunate Nazi connotations, of which the North
Koreans seem unaware.

Charles Armstrong

>>jrpking wrote:
This is a minor point, but interesting nonetheless for those pursuing
metaphors of nation and such:

>>North Koreans generally use Liberation War for Motherland(Joguk haebang
jeonjaeng) and War for Protection of Motherland(Joguk bowui jeonjaeng).

Don't the North Koreans actually translate cokwuk as "fatherland" in
English and not _mother_-land?

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