[KS] a couple of questions

david rands rands at usc.edu
Sat Nov 19 04:01:02 EST 2005

I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California and am studying the development of the Korean communities in Japan. As a part of that research I would appreciate any assistance possible in locating information on the following two points:

First- What research is available (preferably in English or Japanese, but Korean is also acceptable) on regional differences and regional identities in the period from 1894-1945. I have found a large amount of information on the postwar period, but have not been able to locate anything on the earlier periods.

Second- How can I find information on the social classes of the Korean immigrants? I am breaking down the Korean migration geographically and would like to calculate the different ratios of former yangban, chungin, sangmin, and ch'onmin. I realize that the system was not so neat and orderly, with "yuhak" and a blurring of the classes taking place. However, even in rather broad strokes, I would like to see if the geographical distinctions that I am finding in other aspects of the immigrants also are mirrored in the social make-up of the various communities.

Any help that may be available would be greatly appreciated.

David Rands
Department of History
University of Southern California

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