[KS] Call for papres

Sunjoo Kim sunjookim1 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 13:58:58 EST 2005

Dear list members,
I am posting following message on behalf of my student, Dmitry Mironenko. 
Please direct your inquiries to him.

Harvard Asia Quarterly, an academic publication on contemporary issues in 
East Asia affiliated with Harvard University, is currently in the process of 
soliciting papers for its upcoming winter issue. We encourage all 
individuals interested in contributing an article on Islam in Korea to 
submit their abstracts to Dmitry Mironenko, area editor for Korea, who can 
be reached at dmironen at fas.harvard.edu. You can also contact this person for 
any other related inquiries. The deadline for abstract submissions is 
December 1. To learn more about Harvard Asia Quarterly, as well as see the 
past issues, please visit our website at 


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