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Mon Oct 3 04:54:51 EDT 2005

Distinguished colleagues and friends,

for those who are in Seoul or have an interest in East Asian 
economic affairs:

As you might know from media reports, on Oct. 5th and 6th, 
the "East Asia Economic Forum" will take place in the 
Building of the Federation of Korean Industries on Yeoido 
Island. Among the 400 invited guests and speakers are:
- CEOs of Samsung Group, SK Group, Hyundai Group, LG Group, 
Hanwha Group;
- government officials, including the Senior Secretary to 
the President for Civic and Social Agenda, the Deputy Prime 
Minister & Minister of Finance and Economy, the Chairman of 
the Korean Financial Supervisory Commission, and the 
Governor of the Bank of Korea;
- floor leaders from both the ruling and the opposition party;
- the ambassadors of China, Germany, Canada, and 
representatives of other diplomatic missions.

I will have the great honor to join the South Korean 
Minister of Unification and the Chinese ambassador in giving 
one of the keynote presentations. The detailed schedule 
follows below. If the formatting of this message gets lost 
during the email transmission, I will be happy to send you a 
PDF version upon request.

With my best regards,

Ruediger Frank

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ruediger Frank

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East Asia Economic Forum 2005

"Leaps of Asian Economies and Korea's New Economic Growth"

October 5 (Wed)-6 (Thu), 2005

3rd floor, International Conference Hall, FKI Building, 
Yeoido, Seoul

October 5(Wednesday)

08:30~09:00	Registration
09:00~09:30	Opening address	Advisor of Asia Economy 	
		Daily, Former Deputy Prime Minister  Jin 	
		Celebratory addressⅠ	Chairman of the 	
		Federation of Korean Industries Kang Shin-ho
		Congratulatory addressⅠ	CEO, Chief editor 	
		of Zolotoy-Rog Barkova Elena
		Congratulatory addressⅡ	President of China 	
		Quality News Chang Pungsan
Presenter	Professor, Korea University Graduate School 	
		of International Studies Kim Byungki

1st Session 	New Order in the Politics, Diplomacy and 	
		Economic Cooperation in East Asia

09:30~11:40	Welcoming address
		South Korean Minister of Unification Chung 	
		Keynote SpeechⅠ: Political 			
		Minister-counselor at the US Embassy to 	
		Korea Joseph Yun: "New Order in the Politics
  		and Diplomacy in East Asia"
		Keynote SpeechⅡ: Chinese ambassador to
		South Korea Ning Fukui: "China's Principle
		Stance on the Six-party Talks"
		Keynote Speech III: Professor, Vienna 		
		University and Korea University
		Ruediger Frank: Developments in 	
		North Korea: A Challenge for Europe
		Comprehensive Review:	Professor, Korea 	
		University Graduate School of International 	
		Studies Ahn Yinhay

12:00~13:30	Luncheon Meeting (FKI Building 19th floor, 	
		Business Leaders' Club)

2nd Session 	Diagnosis of East Asian Financial Market

14:00~14:30	Keynote Speech	Governor of the Bank of 	
		Korea Park Seung: "Korea's interest rate and
  		exchange rate management policy"

14:30~16:10	Presentation	Nomura International Senior 	
		Analyst Morikawa Kimitaka: "Prospects of 	
		Korean stock market and Asian nations"
		Presentation	Deputy Head of the Financial
  		Institute of the National Development 		
		Research Center Ba Shusong: "Asian Economy 	
		and the Current Trend of Chinese Yuan"
		Comprehensive Review:	Senior Researcher of
  		Korea Institute of Finance Park Jae-ha

16:10~16:20	Break
3rd Session	East Asian Energy Market in the Era of High 	
		Oil Prices

16:20~18:00	Presentation	Director of China 		
		Information Center Cao Huiqing: "China's 	
		Strategy to Secure Energy"
		Presentation	Far East Marine Research 	
		Institute (FEMRI) Mikhail Kholosha: Energy 	
		Supply  and Logistics System in Asia
		Comprehension Review	Ph.D, Editorialist 	
		of Maeil Economic Daily Ohn Ki-Un

		Reception of the Asia Economy Daily(FKI 	
		Building 20th floor Business Leaders Club)

19:00~20:00	Congratulatory Message South Korean Prime 	
		Minister Lee Hae-chan
		Celebratory addressⅠ	Floor leader of 	
		ruling Uri Party Chung Sye-kyun
		Celebratory addressⅡ	Floor leader of the
  		opposition Grand National Party Kang Jae-sup
		*Celebration concert performed by Premier 	
		Philharmonic Orchestra


08:30~09:00	Registration	FKI Building 20th floor 	
		Business Leaders Club

4th Session	East Asia's Economic Cooperation Body and 	
		Leaps of Korean Economy

09:00~09:50	Congratulatory message Speaker of the. 		
		Korean National Assembly Kim Won-ki
		Keynote SpeechⅠ	Deputy Prime Minister & 			Minister of 
Finance and Economy Han 		
		Duck-soo: "New Growth Engine of Korean 		
		Keynote SpeechⅡ	President, American Chamber
  		of Commerce in Korea, Tami Overby: 		
		Korea-U.S. trade and FTA
		Keynote SpeechⅢ	Professor, KDI School of 	
		Public Policy and Management You Jong-il: 	
		"Economic Cooperation System in East Asia"
09:50~10:00	Break	

10:00~11:40	Presentation	Head of the Industry
		Division at the National Council of Applied
		Economic Research (NCAER) R.Venkatesan:
		"Characteristics of Indian Market and Market
		Penetration Strategies"
		Presentation	Director of China
		Information Center Cao Huiqing: "Prospect of
		New Investment in Asian Market"
		Comprehensive Review	College of Northeast
		Asian Studies University of Incheon Han
		Kwang Soo

12:00~13:30	Luncheon address: Chairman of the
		Korean Financial Supervisory Commission Yun

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