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Jennifer Jung-Kim jenniferjungkim at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 01:16:58 EDT 2005

 I've shown _YMCA Baseball_ (K: YMCA Yagudan) in history classes with much
success. It is basically a comedy about baseball, but also offers some
historical context (Protectorate Treaty) and allows for some lively
discussion about the time period. There isn't as much dialogue, so it's
really good for a non-Korean audience.
 Minju Kim at Claremont McKenna taught a Korean film class in the spring,
and I know she likes _Ch^ong_. It's a film about a _ku y^os^ong_ whose
husband falls in love with a _sin y^os^ong_. The main character then runs
away out of compassion for the other couple, and finds her own happiness
along the way.
 Both films seem less popular among Korean-Koreans, but work well in a
Korean Studies course.
 Jennifer Jung-Kim
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